Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mohammed Rafi - Sweetness Personified

Today is Rafi sahab's 31st anniversary! Anything that could be said about the legend has been said. I would be only be showing desperation if I said that I miss him tremendously. To me, the most amazing thing is that the sweetness of his voice grows more every time you hear one of his previously heard songs again!

Despite of my hectic schedule, I could not resist recording one of Rafi sahab's songs from the movie, Leader. Leader's music was scored by Naushad sahab and Dilip Kumar was the hero. Those who are fond of old Hindi movies know that this combination is the most lethal. Whether it is "Daagh", "Mela", "Deedaar", "Kohinoor, "Aan", "Ganga Jamuna", "Dil Diya Dard Liya", or "Raam aur Shyaam", most of the songs are unforgettable!

In my quest of learning, I learned a bit more about singing through Rafi sahab's song today and I am glad it was on his anniversary!

I thank you all in advance for your time!

Song: Hum Hi Se Mohabbat
Movie: Leader (1964)
Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni
Music: Naushad Ali
Original singer: Mohammed Rafi
Picturised on: Dilip Kumar & Vyjayantimala


Latha said...

Azam - clean & Expressive rendition !! The great thing in your all covers that i have noted is YOU Always easily access your high notes & You used to hit them with great tone quality !!
liked this cover a lot !

Pradip Barre said...

Wonderful singing Azam!!!Keep it up!

Parasmani said...

"Are maar daala, Duhaii, Duhaii..."
I am so happy to hear this beautiful song in your clear, expressive voice with great diction. It was my long standing farmaish.

I have a weakness for anything Rafi-Dilip-Naushad-Shakeel. This seemingly easy, light hearted song is very difficult to sing because of the notes ranging "all over", high aalap and need for high quality expressions and diction.
I enjoyed your lovely rendition several times already and it is playing as I write...

MadhukarNC said...

Dear Azam bhai, Nice to listen one more Gem from you!! Great singing in higher registers... Great Tribute!! Best Regards,

RK said...

Azam bhai.. awesome tribute to the legend. Aap ke gayaki ki kya kahen.. lajawab!

Asim Ghosh said...

I usually refrain from listening to streaming stuff at work. But upon receiving your email, mujhse rahaa na gaya. Because, I know each of your rendition would be none less than THE BEST cover version available in the blog world. Whether it's Dabang, or a gem like this one.
Paras took all my words about this song, and your rendition. All I'd say is that, my ears thank me each time I listen to your renditions.....the perfection, the panache, the ada...gayaki...sab kuchh.....a pure bliss. The ease at which you hit the high notes WITHOUT any strain is simply phenomenal. Recording is stuff! Nice track too.

Harcharan Jassal said...

Azam Bhai Great Tribute to the legend, May the Great Soul RIP. Your renditions never disappoint.

Azam Khan said...

Latha, I try to make sure that my renditions are worth listening to. Thank you so much!

Pradip, Appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

Paras, you are absolutely right about the song appearing to be easy! It was an eye opener for me in terms of expressions, voice throw, and range! I am glad you liked it.

Madhukar ji, thank you so much for your time. Its appreciated very much!

RK, bohat shukria bohat navazish :)

Asim da, your comments always make me a healthier person :) Your love and ppreciation is something for which I will always owe you! Thanks for your detailed observations!

Harry, thank you so much! I am very glad to hear that!

Khatod said...

Hi Azam Bhai,
Very melodious :-).

Dinesh Pithia said...

I agree "maar dala" aapne. Excellent rendition and a beautiful song choice for "Rafi Sahab's" 31st anniversary. Sweetness is personified for sure. You have that charm in your voice which drags listeners. God Bless you!

Dinesh bhai

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Perfect and superb rendition, Azam. Really wonderful!
So nice to see a new post on your blog :)

Azam Khan said...

Manoaj bhai, thank you very much!

Dinesh bhai, aap ki naik tamannao ke liye bohat shukr-guzaar hun! Thank you so much!

Sarada, thank you so much! I have been neglecting my blog but will try to maintain it from now on if possible!

Harish ... A Mohd. Rafi fan! said...

As a big fan of N-MR combo, this was a pleasant surprise for me. I have never listened to this 'from a singers perspective'. And now I realise how tough this song is. That makes your effort really awe-insping Azambhai. And as always, with all the Rafisaab's ada that you manage to incorporate, really makes a great listening experience

Vijay Kotian said...

Great attempt Azam.....Loved it.

Harshan Nambiar said...

Bahut Khoob.

PLAN said...

Congrats, Khan Sahab...I share your feelings about late Rafi Sahab, whose voice remains immortal. Why only on his birthday - we should recall his presence amidst us all every single day! I admire your renderings of his various songs but I feel exceptionally nostalgic about "Pukaarta Chalaa Hoon Mein..." Par, ab kahaan kahaan dhondein us chaaon ki ya us zulf ki...?



Anonymous said...

Wah Azam bhai kya kamaal ka gaate ho yaar. You have the nack of singing Rafi's song and never miss to add improvizations wherever possible. Loved it after along time.
Keep singing brother


Azam Khan said...

Harish, I have to agree with you on the great creations by Naushad and Rafi combo! I surely will be working on more such gems! Thank you so much for your encouragement! Appreciate it a lot!

Vijiay, appreciate your time. Thank you!

Harshan bro, thanks a lot!

PLAN sahab, I agree with you and thats why I never miss a chance to sing any Rafi sahab song any time. He will always be missed! Thank you so much for your appreciation!

Sadique bhai, bohat shukria! Just the love of Rafi sahab that makes me want to become a better singer! And then when there are listeners like you and others here, to phir baat hi kuch aur ho jaati hai :) Thanks again!