Friday, February 18, 2011

Gum Hai Kisi Ke (Rampur ka Lakshman)

"Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein" is a beautiful song! A short tale of love and innocent feelings! It is written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, who was considered a dominating musical force and one of the finest lyricists of Hindi movie songs. When these lyrics are given to the giant singers like Lata and Kishore with a brilliant composition by RDB, the result can be nothing but pure delight! People love this song for its sheer simplicity and innocence! The short dialogs in between make this song even more loveable!

I have attempted this song with Deblina who is quite well known in the music blogging world for her excellent singing with emotions that carry depth and subtlety!

PS: "Gum Hai ..." video has been posted on my Facebook blog!

Song: Gum Hai Kisi Ke
Movie: Rampur Ka Laxman (1972)
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: RD Burman
Original singer: Kishore & Lata
Picturised on: Randhir Kapoor & Rekha

Download "Gum Hai Kisi Ke"


Rahul said...

Lovely pick and wery nicely sung Khan bhai and Deblina ji. too good. the video rocks too.

Anonymous said...

Azam and Deblina,
fantastic song pick and beautiful rendition by both of you, one of the most loved songs by many.. just a Pro job by both of you.. liked it and fav'ed it :D (sorry i cant do it here :D)

Ramesh Tadi

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Excellent singing, expressions and dialogues, Azam and Deblina!
Loved listening to this song after a long time.

daanish said...

achhaa gaya
bahut achhaa
Aazam bhaaee, aapka to jawaab nahi
this song has never been in my "liking-list"...
but the rendition has made me think again ... sach mei !!

may i dare to make a request for a song...
"mai apne aap se ghabraa gayaa hooN..."
kabhi gaa dijiye na !?!

Azam Khan said...

Rahu, thank you very much for your appreciation!

Ramesh, welcome to the blog! Your sincere words are appreciated very much!

Sarada, I am glad to get your feedback on this. Thank you very much!

Daanish bhai, bohat shukria! I couldn't be happier to see that this rendition has changed your mind about the song! Thank you so much! I surely would give a try to the song you requested. So many Rafi sahab songs pending that I need to catch up on sometime!

Surojit Sengupta said...

Kya baat, Kya baat, Kya baat!

Azam BHai, very good. Very measured performances. In fact the small & subtle variations you have made has added another dimension to this song.

You voice is crystal, amazing recording & post recording work.

Thanks & regards


Azam Khan said...


Der lagi aane mein tum ko
Shukr hai phir bhi aye to

Bohat shukria mere dost! How are you? I hope all is going well. Thanks again for your feedback!

Shameen said...

such a nice song. You both did a really good job. superb.

Azam Khan said...

Thanks Shameen!

Anonymous said...

Azambhai and Deblina wow! beautiful singing and great voice. Liked it a lot.

Azam Khan said...

Sojan, I am very thankful for your comment!

Innocent boy said...

Bohat Acha blog ha ap ka azam bhai ase blog bohat kam read karne ko milta ha

Azam Khan said...

I am really glad to hear the compliment. Thank you very much!

Asim Ghosh said...

Arre how did I miss this duet in your and Deblina's mesmerizing voices? I am speechless yaar!!!!! Spontaneity at its peak.

Noticed that you kept the 'mid' quite high in this mixing, making all those 's' sound nice, crisp, and sssssharp.

Bhavana said...

fantabulous performance!singing,recording,mixing,vide everything is flawlessly done!!

Sanjay Bhai said...

Maar Daal Bhai, Just like original one

Keep it up


Madanmohan Bhattacharyya said...

2 sweet