Friday, December 24, 2010

And the smile lives on ...

For some crazy fans like me, Rafi sahab's angel-like smile is perhaps enough to feel contented! I often wonder how his charisma would be for those who were lucky enough to have been in his presence! "Truly heavenly" is perhaps an understatement.

In one of the interviews, when I heard Naushad sahab saying, "Rafi sahab ka naam rehti dunya tak rahe ga", I smiled and ignored his sentence as over-emotional and overly-passionate! However, several years later, thinking about it tonight, I find myself believing it ... and believing it strongly. Rafi sahab's voice still possesses the same magic. The same magic that melts the hearts and minds of listeners! The same magic that makes you feel truly happy and smile from the bottom of your heart! The same magic that gives you hope and optimism on a gloomy day!

Happy birthday to you, Rafi sahab!

Song: Pukaarta Chala Hun Main
Movie: Mere Sanam (1965)
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: OP Nayyar
Original singer: Mohammed Rafi
Picturised on: Biswajit Chatterjee & Asha Parekh

Download "Pukaarta Chala Hun Main"

Download "Pukaarta Chala Hun Main" (Remix version)


Parasmani said...

It is wonderful to hear this evergreen song in your voice.
Your rendition of the original has the romantic feel as expected and to my delight, the remix sounds great because of the beautiful aalap, the stereo effect and has more of the charm that was so unique to Rafi Sahab.

Azam Khan said...

Thanks Paras! Your encouragement is always appreciated.


hii so you are fan of rafijii

good to see this in now days people like him


Azam Khan said...

Thanks :)

Harish ... A Mohd. Rafi fan! said...

Azam bhai, lovely texture of voice, sounding close to Rafisaab! I think you have chosen to improvise at a few places :)

Satheesh kumar said...

Hi Azam, i have come to you through Dr Paras :) your devotion towards Rafi saab makes you very dear to me, i will listen all the songs you posted, one by one, slowly, and will try to know you more through them.. :)

Sajja said...

one of my favourite songs
i have heard the duets you sang with Paras and quite like your voice Azam.
you have done a great job with this song too, and quite like the remix too


As usual, great performance mate!

Malavi said...

Excellent rendition Azam

You have such a beautiful voice. It is very good

I liked the tone modulation in some parts very much.
Very Very glad to know singer like you bhai..