Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ninna Nodalentho - exploring Kannada

After my attempt at "Panivizhum" in November of 2006, I wanted to sing more songs in other regional languages of the subcontinent. Last year, I had a chance to sing a Kannada song and felt comfortable with the language. The words and their pronunciation was relatively easy. When Sarada brought my attention to "Ninna noDalentho" I could not resist. Its a bautiful song and working on it with Sarada was a pleasure. Again, like Ramesh who helped my with Tamil, she was very encouraging and provided all the help possible ... lyrics, translation, and pronunciation! Thanks Sarada!

Ninna noDalentho is from the movie "Mussanje Maathu" which revolves around the life of a Radio Jockey, Pradeep (Sudeep), who runs a radio programme called "Mussange Maathu" for depressed people. Tanu (Ramya) is a depressed girl who comes to Bangalore to live with her friend (Anu) and to find a new life. One day she calls Pradeep's radio programme and becomes very impressed by his suggestion. (Read more...)

Sarada has sung this song beautifully! After I created the video I was able to appreciate her singing even more as it sounded as if the heroine on the screen is singing the song herself. As usual, I have posted the high quality audio and video on my Facebook page so please visit there if you wish. As always, please leave your valuable comments!

Movie: Mussanje Maathu (2008)
Lyrics: Ram Narayan
Music: V. Sridhar
Original Singers: Sonu & Shreya
Picturized on: Sudeep & Ramya

Download "Ninna Nodalentho"


Bharti said...

Azam, Beautiful song and you sang so well! don't understand Kannada but sounded great. Sarada has sung it very beautifully ...sounds like original!

Azam Khan said...

Bharti, yes, at first I could not understand the language. But was able to appreciate the song more when I got the translation.

Thank you for listening and your comments!

Deblina M. said...

Great singing Sarada & Azam. Loved it :)

Azam Khan said...

Deblina, thank you very much for listening!

N V Krishnan said...

Lovely singing by both of you..Enjoyed..Thanks for sharing..:)

Azam Khan said...

NVK sahab, thank you so much for your feedback!

RK said...

Awesome singing Azam bhai and Sarada. Enjoyed it.


Paras said...

Azam and Sarada...entertaining! Something different is always welcome! Both of you sound comfortable and pleasant.
Nice aalaps.
I seem to understand more Kannada than I thought :P...there are some familiar words like Preeti, Utsava, Hridaya, Harsh, Sparsh, Nayan, Milan, Ratri, Madhur bhav and so on...if only I knew the meaning of "thara tara" and "linto" and "yinto"..I would easily get B+.
Video made it very enjoyable...
Love makes one do strange things..I mean...Pradeep is standing on the edge of the cliff and doing all the "Ranbir Kapoor's Khuda jaane" moves...I am glad that she is the depressed one and not him...
(Sarada-I liked Tanu's wardrobe a lot! :)

Gautam said...

Azam Sahab,
Waah...I dont understand kannada. But it sounds smooth.To be apt in comparision, ask any telugu guy he will tell you that you just sounded like Rafi sahab singing a telugu song.Saradha's voice is beautiful.

Keep rocking...ab ek telugu song ho jaaye sir.


Sudhathee said...

Waaah...I remember asking u to sing a Kannada (Sonu's) SOOOOOOOOO glad to hear this now:)
Sarada was awessuuumm as mom speaks a lot abt her rendition!
About Khan Sahab's Rendition....i have run out of words...I wonder why u are not singing in movies for AR Rahman et all ...(Or are u?)..Am speechless sir!

Yasi said...

Excellent work!


Azam Khan said...

Paras, thanks for such detailed feedback! If you knew all those words in Kannada and gave yourself a B+ then I give myself an F- :D

Gautam, thanks for your generous feedback!

Sudhathee, "Anisuthide" is still on my list and will attempt that soon! Thanks for your kind words!

Yasir bhai, thank you so much for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Dear Azamji,
Though I do not understand Kannada I really enjoyed the song. Very smooth and nice delivery as usual.
Sarada's voice is very nice. Glad to hear this duet of yours. Enjoyed the video as well.

Keep Singing

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Bharti, Deblina, RK, Sudhathee, Gautam, Yasir, Paras, Shantha,

Thank you all so much for your nice feedback! Appreciate it.

Now that you we know you know some Kannada :), can we expect a song in Kannada soon? Kannada has a lot of Hindi/Urdu words also, like "khushi" for example. It does not seem difficult once you know the meaning. "Onthara thara" means "ek tarah".

I know, Tanu's wardrobe is too good for someone that is depressed :)

I agree the picturization is somewhat funny especially at certain points. But that is what makes it entertaining :)

Once again, thank you so much for your nice comments about our song!

Bhavana said...

Beautifully sung Azam and Sarada!sounds like a professional recording!Both of you should be singing in movies!


Azam Khan said...

Shantha, I don't know Kannada myself but I sang the song :D Thanks for listening!

Bhavana, movies or not, I could not be happier without the wonderful support such as yours!

Sarada, thanks again! I would not have thought of such a beautiful song song if it wasn't for you!

Asim Ghosh said...

Didn't understand the language, but as they say Music Has No Language........beautiful work you two!!! Azam, I am totally amazed with your versatility. Different types of songs, from different genre, sung by a wide variety of singers, amongst many regional languages....a truly gifted singer you are. Can you sing in female voice, I wonder! Juz jokin'

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

NVK ji, Bhavana& Asim,
Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
You did a great job. Thanks again for singing this.