Friday, February 26, 2010

Dono Ne Kiya Tha Pyaar - Mahua (1969)

Song: Dono Ne Kiya Tha Pyaar
Movie: Mahua (1969)
Original Singer: Mohammed Rafi
Music Director: Sonik Omi
Lyricist: Qamar Jalalabadi

One of the reasons that masses still listen to Rafi sahab, Lata Ji and likes is their ability to transport the listener to a new state of mind - a state free from the limitations of time and space. I have had first-hand experiences of getting into trance by some of the songs. The feelings get so powerful that for a while you forget everything that makes up your surroundings and you get transported to a mystical place, which for a short time becomes reality (luckily I had not been driving during one of those experiences :D).

This is one such song! Listening to Rafi sahab's most amazing voice, I am not ashamed to admit that this song has made me cry. Simply and truly, out of this world!!!

The story of "Mahua" is about reincarnation. While playing his flute one day in the countryside, Brahmdesh, comes across a beautiful young woman. He is attracted to her and is told that her name is Mahua. When he is about to introduce himself, she stops him and calls him "Palash". When he clarifies that his name is Brahmdesh, Mahua tells him that they are lovers who were separated in a past life.

PS: During one of the online discussions, I boasted that if I had a chance to redo all of my songs I would. And while I have not cleaned up all of my old recordings, I have been doing whatever I could. This is also one such attempt. I recorded this song in 2006 (#3 in the multi-player list to your right) without using a sound editor and felt that I needed to redo it again in 2010!

Please lend an ear and let me know of your thoughts on this effort!


Naadira said...

Very nice song!Powerfull expression!

Azam Khan said...

Naadira, welcome to my webpage. Thank you for your kind words!

Paras said...

It is indeed a treat to listen to your voice. Very nice expressions!

Qamar Jalalabadi has some very memorable songs to his credit, to name a few...
"Wo paas rahein ya door rahein"
"Aayiye meherbaan"
"Ek pardesi mera dil le gaya"
"Mere toote hue dil se, koi to aaj ye poochhe"
"Phir tumhari yaad aayee, aye Sanam"

Dinesh Pithia said...

What a song! Very expressive rendition!
Not an easy song, but you sang with great feel
and took me to a distant space. Excellent piece of work and thanks for sharing.

Harshan said...

Azam bhai ...chaa gaye ...bhai very beautiful song and you have rendered it with great feel ....LOVED it IMMENSELY !!

Azam Khan said...

Naadira, aka, Ibolya! It took me a while to recognize you! Thanks again for dropping by!

Paras, thank you very much for your encouragement! Yes, Qamar Jalalabadi has done some amazing work! A very affective poet, indeed!

Dinesh bhai,
It is your humility ke aap aisa keh rahe hain. I wish I could have the ability to transport people through my singing! Thank you so much for your time.

Harshan mere bhai, aap ne suna, aap ne pasand kiya ... aap ki zarra nawazi! Thank you very much!

shantha said...

Hi Azamji,
Very beautiful rendition. Enjoyed !!!
Will also have to listen to your older recording which I haven't yet.

Keep listening

Azam Khan said...

Hi Shantha,

Good to hear from you. I hope things are OK in CA.

Thanks a lot for your time and comments, brother!

Take care!

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Very touching, Azam! It does bring tears into the eyes. Very nice rendition.

Azam Khan said...

Thanks for such encouraging words, Sarada! I am glad you liked it.

Moin Jamall said...

very nice Azam!

Azam Khan said...

Thanks for listening, Moin. Appreciate your comment!

Mahmood Khan said...

Wah bhai wah... Kia awaaz hai !! Superb singing !

Azam Khan said...

Mahmood, thanks for listening and encouraging, my friend! I appreciate it very much!

Anonymous said...

Azambhai - while this is one Rafi oldie that I have not heard, I enjoyed listening to your smooth rendition with flawless expressions! Well done!:)

Azam Khan said...


Really appreciate your feedback! Thank you very much!

Mujeeb Khan said...

This is so amazing Azam ! Great song, great voice and great wording. Good Job man !

Azam Khan said...

Mujeeb bhai, you made my day, man!

Asim Ghosh said...

Everyone complimented on your sur, taal, etc. Let me talk about something different. We often overlook how well the singer understood the meanings of the lyrics, & enunciated each word w/proper emphasis, to bring out the true sentiment of the song. I admire this quality of yours. The added emphasis on "(Maine) TERE LIYE", "VAADA", etc. clearly brings out the 'abhimaan' (more of a 'complaint') of the hero, toward the departed soul of his mehbooba. Another example: "Tu Na Jaagi To Main Aansuon-MEIN, Saare Jag-Ko Bahaa-Ke Rahunga-a-a-a, Tu Agar Uss Jahaan-Se Na AAYI, Iss Jahaan-Ko Jalaa-ke Rahunga"...."O MERI Aatmaa Aatmaa Ko......." clearly depicts 'his' dil-ki pukar, his abhiman-bhari ultimatum to 'her'...cry of a desolate mind. Pathos oozing off your voice everywhere...remarkable.

Loved the nice touch w/the added echo in the beginning, sets the mood right at the get-go......the 'distance', the 'emptiness', the 'akelapan'.

One of my most fav Rafi Sahaab numbers....grew up on these songs, and others, like Hum Tumse Juda Hoke, Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Teri Galiyon Mein Na Rakkhenge Kadam.....I could write books on them. Dil maange more yaar.

Azam Khan said...

Asim da,

Only someone with a huge heart and soul can understand such fine details. I do the best I can to sing each song with as much understanding as possible. However, many times, I feel that justice was not done as my concentration keeps breaking away! I had similar issues with this song. However, receiving such feedback from a listener like you, makes me enormously happy!

Thank you very very much and God bless you!

Hemanth Sharma said...

Too good :) Loved this song and your rendition...

Azam Khan said...

Hemanth, thanks a bunch!

Dr.PriyaRajan said...

Azam bhai such a sweet song U have done full justice with lot of feel.

Better i do visit my fav' singers blog and comment.
There r so many talents in this world but not at all exposed. Sorry, to say BUT people just make a break in a song and don't maintain their Quality singing again. It's biased ratings, favoritism in many sites:(

Many listeners overlook most of the syllabic stress, emotive aspect
which is the SOUL of a song.

Sorry to be FRANK and taken the liberty to air my views.
Too pleased to listen to yr songs.
God bless all yr endeavors.