Friday, May 14, 2010

Memoirs of a music junkie

It was the year 1997 or perhaps 1998. All I remember is that I was fresh out of college and had started working as an Engineer. Single life has its own merits and one of them was the availability of ample amount of extra time.

One of my dearest friends had just offered me to buy his complete entertainment center that included a top-notch Sanyo VCR, a Philip Magnavox television, and the state of the art AIWA stereo system with 5 speakers, 3-CD player, and a double cassette player unit. The CD player came with the Karaoke option to suppress the singers' voices while playing the CD. The mic input also came with the echo level adjustment option. But the best of all options was to be able to play a karaoke CD and record on the audio tape while singing through the microphone. Little I knew that this beautiful technology of ancient times (for technology more than 10 years is considered ancient nowadays) would change so many things in my life.

Anirudh of Anirudh Karaokes had also been to the same university that I went to. I met him when he was working on releasing his first karaoke CD. I actually bought a single karaoke song of a famous Pakistani singer Alamgir, for a show at school. By that time, he had come out with several of his CDs and unlike now, those CDs used to contain much greater number of songs than just 4 or 5.

I would look forward to get back to my little apartment on College street, often to find out that my dear friend and roommate Anshuman was already in the middle of a recording :D It was a lot of fun to record something and listen to your own voice. We used to buy high quality Maxell audio tapes which had a better retention capacity of the audio signal.

Well, to cut the story short for now. I am presenting one of those recordings today. This song is actually part of my first audio cassette release that I indeed distributed freely to all of my friends :D

A better quality version is also posted on my Facebook page. Thanks for your time in advance!


Parasmani said...

"Jadoo teri nazar" to vaqayee sun ne walon pe jadoo kar dega. Ise sun ne ke baad kaun bhala "na" kar sakta hai?
Voice is so fresh and youthful, control is awesome. Loved it! Please post more songs from your treasure trunk.

Dinesh Pithia said...

You sound so fresh and young. Very good throw and controlled expessions. You are God gifted with magical vouice. Please upload more vintage junkies...would love to listen all. Nice descriptive and appealing writing which also reminds me of my days of recording on tape through Aiwa system some years ago. Great!

Kashman said...

jab aatish jawan tha.... very very nice to hear your early years voice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay Azambhai. Agree completely with the others on the youthful freshness. Wonderfully sung as ever! So Sonu Nigamish! :D Loved it!


Azam Khan said...

Thank you for such wonderful appreciation! I will certainly post more songs soon!

Dinesh bhai,
That time was very memorable with so much energy! Thank you so much for your energizing comments :)

Aatish abhi bhi jawan hai ;) Thanks brother-man!

Thank you so much for being patient with the upload. And thanks for lending an ear with always encouraging feedback!

Jay said...

I agree with everybody's comments here. Azam sir, I couldnt tell the difference between the original and your rendition. And might even say it sounded better than the original at times.

Anonymous said...

Dear Azamji,
I remember recording on tapes too. It is so much pleasure to listen to your much youthful voice. I don't think this is a junkie singing (smaile)even your earlier days. Best of luck!

Keep listening

fahim said...

great voice

Surojit Sengupta said...

Hi Azam Bhai,

Main bahut dino ke baad aapke site para aaya tha, aur wakai I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the "jadoo of your voice".

Ek cheez jo mainey note ki, aapki awaaz mein ab ek silky touch hain, us time aapki awaaz thodi kachchi thi...perhaps this might be because of the recording.

All said, I indeed am a big fan of your singing...aapne theek hi likha hain, ab toh waqt ki bahut tangi hain, muddaton ke baad hi blogsites surf kar paata hoon.

Thanks & regards


Azam Khan said...

Jay, thank you for your kind words. That was the time when I did not have much technical expertise and tried to do the best job I could without knowing much.

Once a junkie always a junkie :D ... kdding. Thanks brother! Just something fun to keep myself busy with in the dark, cold nights of North Dakota ... he he he!

Azam Khan said...

Fahim, thank you!

Surojit, rhetorically speaking, this certain unpredictability in life is what keeps our lives exciting! Well, aap ne waqt nikala aur hamara gana sunke kuch achche sabd kahe, dil ko khushi mili. Awaz ke baare mein aap ne theek kaha us waqt mujhe bohat si baaton ka pata nahin tha bus shoq mein aake, mauj mein aake ga diya karta tha!

Let me know when you update your blog!

Surojit Sengupta said...

Azam Bhai,

You are so right, agar life unpredictable nahi hoti toh hum log bhi suraj aur chaand ki tarah time table follow kar rahey hotey!

Aapki gayaki mein bahut sharpness hain, I am trying to emulate that. Thoda guide kijiyega, its so important. I know one thing for sure...achchi awaaz log upparwaley se leke aatey hain, gayaki yahin pet seekhni padti hain!

I have updated my blog too, please do visit and share your thoughts.

Thanks & regards


Sanjay Bhai said...

Kya Baat Kya Baat, Bhaut khub Bahi

Keep it up