Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Tribute to Madan Mohan

When it comes down to the most symphonic ghazals, Madan Mohan’s name always comes to mind. Madan Mohan Kohli (June 25, 1924 - July 14, 1975), better known as Madan Mohan, was a famed Bollywood film music director of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He is particularly remembered for the ghazals he composed for the film industry, mainly using the voice of India's Melody Queen, Lata Mangeshkar and 'King Of Ghazals' Talat Mahmood.

Besides ghazals, Madan Mohan also composed tremendously mesmerizing tunes for the films. Who can ever forget the haunting melodies, such as:

  • Tum jo mil gaye ho
  • Aye dil mujhe bata de
  • Zaroorat hai zaroorat hai
  • Naina barse
  • Charagh dil ka jalao
  • Main ye soch kar
The list is too long for this post, and even for this blog for that matter. Today is the anniversary of the great composer and I would like to dedicate this post to him and his excellent contribution to the music industry.

Download "Ek Haseen Shaam Ko"


Nandita said...

So nice to see an update on your blog. Madan Mohan is my fav. composer of all time in HFM. Thanks for this wonderful tribute. Beautiful singing and top notch expressions. Hoping to hear tum jo mil gaye ho as well in your voice :)

Parasmani said...

It took a genius like Madan Mohan to jump start your blog! Such a simple and soothing composition! I like this, one of your older recordings and I have always liked the way you place proper emphasis on words.
My farmaish ..."Main ye soch kar"..."Tum jo mil gaye ho", sung by Rafi Sahab and also the unforgettable classics...Manna Dey's "Kaun aya mere man ke dware" and Talat's "Hum se aaya na gayaa" from film "Dekh Kabira roya".
Karam farmaiye...

RK said...

Azam bhai, Bahut khoob. Bahut hi sahi anddaz me gaaya hai. One of my favorites, you have sung it with lot of feel. Keep up the good work.

best regards

Surojit Sengupta said...

Kya baat hain!...Azam bhai ek toh yeh gaana aur uppar sey aapki awaaz...bahut khoob!

Thanks for coming back with such a beautiful number.

Sir, abhi waqt ki pabandi ney humein apney site ko update karney sey rok rakha hain. Par aagey hoga zaroor. Ho sakey toh baaki gaaney suniyega, aur humein feedback dijiyega.

Thanks Again.


Dinesh Pithia said...

Superb rendition and a great tribute to the master genius "Madan Mohan" Really...I was very curious to listen your beautiful voice and you broke the ice with an awesome number. In fact very well sung and I am very glad. I presume July is a special month and we will be listening great melodies from you.

Very well done & thanks for coming back in action!

Riaz said...

Azam bhai.. As always well sung. Keep up the good and quality singing.. :)

Bhavana said...

Excellent!Very soothing and melodious!Felt so good to hear this after a stressful day at work.
Would love to hear you sing 'Teri Aankhon ke Siva' and 'Aap ke pehloo mein aakar'.

Deblina said...

Awesome song and equally well sung ... enjoyed every bit of it!

Smitha said...

Excellent! Madan Mohan's compositions are a class apart. Loved this one in ur voice. Eagerly waiting for "Tum jo mil gaye ho" :-)

Asim Ghosh said...

Welcome back Azam. And what a come back. Wah bhai wah, kamaal ki sitaare ho aap!

As Paras said, this is a simple composition of MM. The main ingredient in this number is the proper feeling, and expressions. And you are a master of both. 'Emphasis' in correct enhanced the subtle sweetness, and flow of the song even better. Kahaan se laate ho itna perfection yaar?

While we are on the MM page, how about:
“Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat” (Puria Dhanashri?)
“Tumhari Zulf Ke Saaye”

(aap to Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil gaaoge nahi, main to request karte karte thak gaya hoon)

Anonymous said...

Nice come back. Very melodious soothing rendition. Enjoyed very much!!!

Keep Singing ... me listening

Mala said...

Very well sung! This is one of my favorite songs. Great tribute to a unique musician as Madan Mohan. The other songs of my choice from your list are "Tum jo mil gaye ho" and "Main ye soch kar". It will be great to hear those in your voice. It is a pleasure to listen to a wonderful singer as you. - Mala

Azam Khan said...

I am glad that you liked the song. "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho" is in que now :)

It took two geniuses to jump start my blog :D. I have found the track of "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho". However, its nowhere near the original in terms of rhythm. So, I am working on it to match the original.
Thank you for the requests. I will keep the other songs in mind too.

Thank you for listening to the rendition. I am happy you liked the song.

I sure will listen to your other songs. Aap ki qeemti ra'e ka bohat shukria!

Dinesh bhai,
Aap ki mohabbat hai ... bohat shukria. Aur duaon mein yaad rakhiye to hum kuch na kuch gungunate rahain ge.

Riaz Khan,
Mere bhai mere bichde hue dost ... tum kahan ho ...! Glad to hear from you! Please call when you get the time.

Thank you very much for such comforting words. "Aap ke pehloo mein" was done a while ago but it was a direct recording or what some people call "one-shot" recording. I will post that sometime.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I will be working on "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho".

Asim Da,
I must apologize for not singing some of the songs you requested. Let me be very frank! Besides busyness, what has often kept me from recording some of the very famous Rafi songs is the low quality of tracks. Often, in excitement, I recorded songs only to later realize how dull and different the track was from the original song. Anyway, aap ka hukm sar aankhon pe. I will surely record "Ye Duniya". Thanks again for your pat on the back as always.

How are you? Gald to hear from you. Thank you very much for listening.

So happy to have your input! I will defintely be working on the songs you mentioned.

ranjith said...

Very very sweet.. great!
Quality singing.

Harry said...

Azam Bhai,
Kya baat hai. Madan Mohan ji ki jai ho. What a composition. You once again did full justice to recreate the magic of original.

dr_priya said...

Azam mere bhai......

Beautiful composition. Perfect emphasis laid on each syllable.. that made me place U on a high pedestal.
Wow!! Admire your voice and modulations, expressions and the feel kept intact.All i can say is Wonderful in all aspects.Thanks a lot for giving me the JOY to listen to old melodies. Will surely keep visiting.Love singers a lot.
God Bless U.

Azam Khan said...

Dear Ranjith,
Thank you so much for your kind words!

Harry bhai,
Aap ne gana suna, pasand kiya, Aap ka bohat shukria!

Priya sister,
Your powerful words are like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day! I am afraid I may get spoiled :) Thank you so much!

dr_priya said...

Hey mera loving bhai ... got nothing to say.... U have made me so happy with your music that am just flying...he he he
thanks a ton dear. god Bless U